Pool Table Moves

Pool Table Moves and Pool Table Repair Services

Having the right professional move your pool table is essential to ensuring the integrity of your pool table. Here at SOLO® Memphis Pool Table Installers, we have decades of experience providing pool table moves and pool table repair services in Tennessee and have achieved a high level of reputation and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are trained professionals that take pride in making sure our services are provided with the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Done by professionals

Having a common furniture mover to move your pool table is a high risk that we do not suggest to anyone that wants to keep their pool table in the best condition. We the SOLO® professional pool table installers know how to handle your table in the various situation we will have to meet when we move it from one place to another. Keeping the table’s integrity is what our technicians know best and we want to ensure security for our customers when doing any kind of service for their tables such as pool table moves, pool table repair or a pool table refelting.

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We have our work 100% guaranteed

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There are things that can go wrong with moving a pool table, same as for any service. We want to make sure our customer’s tables are in perfect condition during and after the service we provide. That’s why we have a national organization to back our work. Check out our guarantee below.

One Year Service Guarantee (opens in PDF format)

We are proud members of the American Billiard Installers Association, we are a recognized business of the highest standards in our industry.

The process of moving a pool table

Pool Table Disassembly

Moving a pool table may seem easy to someone who is not completely familiar with how the process takes place. From disassembling the pool table, we start by carefully removing the rails and cloth on the playfield as to not damage it so we are able to use it again 100% of the time. The only time we wouldn’t is upon your request or if we re-stretch the felt when we assemble, there is a risk of it tearing due to it being very worn, or old.

Pool Table Slates Removal

Once the felt is off it’s time to remove those huge slates. Weighing at least 100 pounds per slate, these big pieces of rock are a very important factor in terms of the smooth playing surface. Keeping those slates in the best condition and treating them with the utmost care is vital. Sometimes there are special tables and those slates can easily weigh 200 pounds each.

We want to make sure we come prepared for those tables, with enough manpower to move them. That is why it is very important to provide the most information possible to our technicians before we get out to the job. We will try and find this information from you when you first reach out to us.

Pool Table Move

We will unseal the slates from their bonding agent and clean them up to make sure the professional pool table assembly will be easy and smooth when we put it back together. After we assemble the rest of the table, the move will take place. Tightly secured in our pool table moving trailer or van, transport will be the easiest part.

Pool Table Setup

Once at the delivery location, the pool table setup service will take place. Ensuring a smooth playfield when sealing the slates. Stretching the felt back onto the surface unless we do a pool table recovering service with new cloth, and providing an expert level of the whole table. Our technicians use industrial machinist levels to provide the most accurate level of your table, whatever the surface is that the table is installed on.

It is very important to know the size of your pool table when calling our expert pool table installers for quotes and services as different sizes incur different prices depending on the job scenario.

Pool Table Room

Pool table room sizes may vary depending on the size of the table. We’ll determine if the pool table room is ideal for your particular table before installing it.

After we install the pool table you’ll also have already received our Service Guarantee for a year after installation. Any pool table installations issues or leveling issues will be fixed with the guarantee, as long as the issues are from the assembly service. We want to make sure our customers feel secure and are satisfied with our service, from the moment we enter the pickup location to a whole year after the service is completed.

Moving to Storage

Pool table moves in Tennessee, Memphis
SOLO® Pool table Installers

A lot of our customers also have pool tables moved to storage. Moving homes and preparing the new game room? Remodeling or maybe replacing carpet or flooring in the current game room. We don’t recommend moving the table in one piece to the other side of the room, we would come out and dismantle the table and move it out of the way for you. Then we can put the table in storage or bring it to a storage location of your preference. We will take care in two appointments for when we come out and reassemble the table. This also secures both appointments for our customers so the priority for their appointment is respected once already on the schedule.

Give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you find the best option for moving your pool table!

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